Last updated: Nov 06, 2018

PrepTweet Solutions

School Education System Solutions

PrepTweet  School Education System Solution enables education regulators, school boards and other stakeholders to: register schools on the PrepTweet platform for each exam; create exams on the PrepTweet platform; register students for exams; know number of students registered for an exam; create subject exams; and view list of registered students for an examand respective perforamnce using specified criteria.

  1. School Portal Solution for Public & Private Schools - The school portal solution enables public and private school owners and administrators, school head teachers in the education system to: create school profile on the PrepTweet portal; monitor student attendance; create activity schedule; teaching, evaluation, grading and feedback; management of school quiz; manage school/class assignment and test; view real time performance evaluation and feedback at the school, teacher and student level.
  2. Education Regulator Testing Solution - PrepTweet Education Regulator Testing Solution will enable education regulators, boards, schools and other stakeholders in the education system to administer term exams, entrance exams, mock exams etc to students within their respective jurisdiction with a full report database on the performance of each student.

School Development Solutions

PrepTweet School Development Solution enables new school project developers or owners of existing schools to access school development financing solutions through PrepTweet consulting services.

Key School Development Solutions under the PrepTweet consulting services, include:

  1. School Infrastructure Development Solution - Enables new school project developers or owners of existing schools to access school development financing solutions through PrepTweet consulting services.
  2. School Bus Fleet Acquisition Solution - Enables schools to acquire new school bus or increase school bus fleet on lease finance.
  3. School Equipment Acquisition Solution - Enables schools to acquire new equipment and facilities in a bid to enhance learning and mental cognition of students. Schools can acquire school laboratory, school gym equipment, school sports equipment, school furniture, computers and accessories, etc under the School Equipment Acquisition Solution.

PrepTweet Franchise Solutions

The Franchise Operator Solution is the ideal way to get going with a career as a franchise operator. PrepTweet operates a host of franchise solutions, including: PrepCoach, PrepCentre, PrepTweet Academy, PrepTweet Challenge, PrepTweet Self-Study and PrepTweet Consulting.

  1. PrepCoach Solution - PrepCoach Solution is a franchise service operated by PrepTweet. PrepCoach instructors offer home tutoring services (one-on-one tutoring services and Group Study) or on-site/off-site (AfterSchool one-on-One) tutoring services to students.
  2. PrepTweet Centre Solution - Offers customised subjects and courses for the benefit of students in various locations.
  3. PrepTweet School Teacher recruitment Job Board Solution - Enables schools to recruit teachers through the platform.
  4. PrepTweet Challenge Solution - is a curriculum based student competition that would be organised on a monthly (StudyChallenge), quarterly (HeatSeries) and annual (GeniusEncounter) basis with a league table of performance drawn and updated on a rolling basis.
  5. PrepTweet Scholarship Solution - will award scholarship to best students and winners in exams and competitions organised by PrepTweet. The PrepTweet scholarship solution will also award various scholarship endowments to partner schools for the benefit of outstanding students in each partner school for each academic year end.
  6. PrepTweet Self-Study Solution - Enables students to study online through the PrepTweet Platform. 
  7. PrepTweet Consultancy Solution - provides complete school project development advisory services to stakeholders. Please visit our consultancy page: 
  • PrepTweet Consultancy Solution Features
    • School project development advisory
    • Project finance arranger services
    • revenue enhancement 
    • Student and teacher performance enhancement solution

PrepTweet AfterSchool Solution

Our Afterschool solution provides after school services and private tutoring solutions to students.

  1. PrepTweet AfterSchool Pickup and Drop off Solution - PrepTweet AfterSchool Solution (with student pickup and drop off services) enables students to be picked up after school hours for private tutoring and subsequently dropped off at home.
  2. PrepTweet Private Tutoring Solution - PrepTweet Private Tutoring Solution is our premium in-house one-on-one tutoring solution covering students home work and long term exam preparation (e.g., First School Certificate Exams, JSCE, SSCE, WAEC, SAT, JAMB, Post-UTME, etc)

PrepTweet Home Tutoring Solutions

  1. PrepTweet Home Tutoring Student Procurement Solution - PrepTweet Home Tutoring Student Procurement Solution enables home tutors to acquire students through the PrepTweet platform.
  2. PrepTweet Home Tutoring Tutor Enlistment Solution - PrepTweet Home Tutor Enlistment Solution enables prospective home tutors to advertise their services on the PrepTweet platform.

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