Last updated: Nov 06, 2018

About Us

PrepTweet is a technology enabler for stakeholders in the school education ecosystem. The platform will help individuals and institutional stakeholders to unlock new opportunities, enhance operational efficiencies, drive growth, improve performance, create a better customer experience and drive increased profitability. Users of the PrepTweet education platform includes: 

  • Education regulators
  • Owners of public & private schools
  • head teachers
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Students
  • Home tutors
  • Study centre operators

The PrepTweet platform will provide the following services, including: 

  • Toolkit for teaching, studying, learning, monitoring, evaluating, managing and reviewing the performance of all stakeholders;
  • Financing for educational needs of stakeholders.

PrepTweet provides online real-time solutions and data to all stakeholders with the ultimate goal of improving the overall performance of students and engendering a culture of responsibility amongst parents/guardians, teachers, school administrators, regulators, home tutors, study centre operators etc.

Our Mission 

"To foster outstanding academic performance and access to school education financing solution for African students and parents respectively"

Our Vision

Our values remain an integral part of our brand value proposition, defining who we are, what we do and our stakeholder engagement strategy. We have all committed to apply the following values to our everyday activity:

  1. Creativeness - We strive to be a pioneer in new products and services development in a bid to reespond to ever evolving needs of our stakeholders in a fast paced market environment.
  2. Quality - We strive to promote the highest standards of service quality in our engagement process with our stakeholders with a view to delivering outstanding outcome.
  3. Leadership - We strive to be a clear market leader in the solutions, products and services that we render to our stakeholders by combining technological disruptions, innovative solutions and outstanding customer service in our business model. 
  4. Ethics - We operate ethically and demand the highest standards in our actions.
  5. Proficiency - We don't just deliver solutions, we try to deliver effective solutions that meets the long term needs and growth aspirations of our clients.

Our Partners

We are committed to a strategy of collaborative growth in order to gain the scale we require to be competitive in the global edutech market. Beyond our organic growth, this is being achieved through the development of a strong base of strategic relationships with a broad spectrum of collaborators, including: school operators, financial institutions,  education regulators, private tutors etc, which combined, provides the requisite bouquet of educational and financial solutions that meets the aspirations of our stakeholders.


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